20 May 2015

NUSTONE QUARTZ Countertop Care

  NUSTONE QUARTZ countertop care is guaranteed not to scare! When you look under the sink at all of the cleaning products and wonder which to pull out, are you struck by the fear of ruining the beautiful quartz countertops you’ve longed for forever? Trust me. This will never happen to you again. With the […]
9 Apr 2015

We Chose Quartz Countertops

Here at NUSTONE QUARTZ we can give you many very good reasons to choose quartz countertops, but we thought you would appreciate hearing the reasons from other homeowners. These comments came from Garden Web, an uberinformative online forum where you get the scoop straight from homeowners. In January Garden Web was bought by savvy online design […]
16 Feb 2015

Quartz Education 101

We have Quartz Education 101 here to help you make the best choice for your countertop needs! Quartz Countertops are categorized as engineered stone.  Engineered Stone is a composite material made of  crushed stone bound  together by a resin material.  Polyester Resin is a clear liquid plastic product that  hardens to bind the  stone together. […]