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Advice From Quartz Manufacturers: Caring for Your Quartz

Quartz can transform a so-so kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity top into a statement-making piece that stands up to the test of time. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or you are simply curious about how to care for quartz, NuStone Quartz is here for you.

As your quartz manufacturer and provider, we take great pride in ensuring you have access to outstanding, high-quality quartz for your home or business — and that have access to the resources you need to make them shine. Here on our blog, we regularly update our readers with posts about all things quartz! Today, we’ll discuss our favorite tips from quartz manufacturers for caring for and prolonging the life of your quartz countertop, vanity top, or other decor. Contact us today with questions, to visit a location, or to request samples.

Daily Care

Quartz vanity tops and kitchen countertops are known for being low and easy maintenance; however, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a few steps here and there to make sure they stay beautiful and strong!

Now, of course you know to wipe up that spilled red wine, coffee, or orange juice right away. Just as it’s important to address spills immediately, it’s also important to proactively wipe down your quartz countertops and other surfaces daily. As your quartz manufacturer, we recommend you use denatured alcohol or a window cleaner for this daily cleaning. Wipe down the quartz with one of these cleaners and 100% white cotton paper towels daily and your stone will be well maintained! For a more aggressive and involved cleaning schedule, we recommend using a soft scrub brush and working in 4-square-foot areas and rinsing them with water afterward.

Tip: Just ask any quartz manufacturer, and you’ll get the same answer: cleaners with plant oils may cause build-up on your quartz countertops. We recommend denatured alcohol or a window cleaner instead.

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Repairs & Problem Solving

As a homeowner, you’ve trained yourself on noticing problems, fixing them quickly, and doing so yourself whenever possible. As your quartz manufacturer, we fully support this! Most repairs and problem solving with quartz should be fully possible by yourself. Keep an eye out for these problems and follow these directions to solve them:

  • Burns: Quartz is incredibly heat-resistant, so hopefully you don’t face too many burns in your future. If you do, then you can use Transformer to hide small burn areas; simply apply it in layers using a cotton swab and let each layer dry completely before applying another one. If the burn is larger, then use a dremel drill to dig out the burned area and apply filler.
  • Chips: Small chips are highly unlikely on engineered quartz, but they are possible. If this is the case, check your warranty and be sure you’re able to handle the chip (you most likely can’t do large ones). Use a pigmented epoxy adhesive to fill in the chip and make sure to sand it down afterward.
  • Cracks: Find out the full extent of the crack. Then, using a dremel drill, drill out the cracked area, wipe it clean, and apply Hot Stuff. Once the surface has hardened, use the drill again until you reach a shallow depth, clean the surface, and fill it with a pigmented epoxy to match your quartz.
  • Gray Lines: Especially if you have a white quartz worktop, you may find gray lines start to appear over time due to pots, pans, and other kitchen gadgets on the surface. Bar Keepers Friend is an excellent solution to rid your quartz counters of gray lines. (Psstt, here’s a tip from our quartz manufacturer: aluminum will cause gray lines more, whereas a higher nickel content will cause them less.)
  • Silicon & Glues: If you have some remaining silicon or silicon-based glues on your counters after installation, then don’t fret! You can clean them easily without damaging your new quartz with WD-40 and then a final wipe-down with a window cleaner.
  • Stains: Stains are less likely to occur on quartz because it’s so stain-resistant, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Check out our recipes below for some of our quartz manufacturer’s favorite stain removal tricks.

Recipes for Stain Removal

  • Bar Keepers Friend + Soft Scrub: Maintain your quartz countertop with some scrubbing, leaving the cleaner to sit, and then a wipe-down.
  • Witches Brew: Mix together equal parts of lacquer thinner and Bar Keepers Friend until you have a paste. Clean your quartz in 4-square-foot areas and neutralize the lacquer thinner on the counters afterward with a window cleaner. Be sure to protect your hands by wearing gloves.

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