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6 Signs It's Time for New Countertops

In the daily craziness of life, you want your kitchen to feel like an oasis — or at least a place where you can enjoy your time instead of constantly rushing off to the next task. If your kitchen has an inconvenient layout, poor design, or simply doesn’t match your personal style, then chances are it’s not the calming refuge you need.

NuStone Quartz can help. When you’re ready for new countertops, we have all the quartz you can dream of to make your kitchen just right. Not sure if it’s time for new countertops just yet? Well, check out today’s blog for six signs it’s time and then contact us today if you’re interested. Modern kitchen countertops are just a click away — request samples today or visit one of our locations.

They’re Outdated

A kitchen that looks like it came straight out of the ‘70s may be exactly what you want if you’re going for a retro style. If you’re interested in modern kitchen countertops and a timeless look, though, then it may be time for new countertops. If your current countertops are outdated, faded, don’t match your current styling, or simply aren’t your taste, then we can help. Check out What to Consider When Choosing New Countertops for suggestions.

They’re Cracked, Eroding, or Damaged

You may have gotten used to your countertop’s cracks, dents, and more over the years, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there! Not only are these imperfections an eyesore, but they’re also a risk to the structural integrity and health of your kitchen. These blemishes can make cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen more difficult, meaning germs and bacteria may have found a comfortable home in that crack on the back of your kitchen counter. These germs can then be transferred to your food and into your body. Cracks and more will only get worse with time, so it may be wise to choose new countertops sooner rather than later.

They’re Stained or Burned

This is another aesthetics blemish you have most likely gotten used to over time. Remember that one Thanksgiving when everything was so hectic in the kitchen and a hot dish out of the oven got set directly onto the countertop? Well, the burn is still there — along with the stain from red wine spilled last month. New countertops are the solution. However, we recommend more than just new countertops; we recommend quartz countertops! Quartz is incredibly stain- and heat-resistant, meaning you’ll have an easier time taking care of your new countertops and maintaining their beauty over the years.

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They’re Inconvenient

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your kitchen should be enjoyable. And you’ll be shocked at the difference new countertops can make! They won’t only change the style of your kitchen; new countertops will also allow you to fix all those things that have bugged you over the years, such as counter height, evenness, and more. New countertops are a wise, affordable way to essentially get a kitchen remodel without, well, doing an entire kitchen remodel! The best quartz countertops are the ones that meet your exact needs in the kitchen.

You’re Putting Your Home on the Market

Whether you’re having a hard time selling your home, are just interested in putting it on the market, or know you want to sell fast, new countertops are the way to go. Make sure to choose a neutral style and color for your countertops, but get ready to be amazed at the way potential buyers ooh and ahh over the update in your kitchen. Kitchens are one of the No. 1 things that new homebuyers prioritize, so it’s essential you make it as beautiful, functional, and clean as you can. A quartz countertop installation should certainly do the trick.

You’re Ready for a Change

And last but not least, perhaps it’s just time for a change. If your kitchen has maintained the status quo for some time and you’re ready to feel revitalized in it instead of drained, then new countertops could be just right. A quartz countertop slab, white quartz kitchen countertop, or another stone kitchen countertop could give your kitchen (and you!) the boost it needs.

Tip: You’ll also enjoy the ease of clean-up and care! If you’re curious about how to care for quartz countertops, check out this blog post.

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Here at NuStone Quartz, we’re here to help you get your dream kitchen — and we think new countertops are the way to go! Our quartz kitchen worktops, engineered stone countertops, and so much more will be just what you need to improve your current kitchen. If you’re not sure about Quartz, then you can also check out Dorado Soapstone, our sister store. Contact us today to visit a location or request samples.