Quartz Care & Maintenance

With the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our quartz is engineered to be more than just stain, scratch and heat-resistant but also nonporous, flexible, and durable.

Unlike granite or other similar surfaces, our quartz countertops do not need to be sealed, making them relatively zero maintenance. Considered to be one of the toughest minerals, NuStone Quartz is made up of 93% ground quartz that is blended with resins and bonding agents that are artfully designed with you in mind.

For regular cleaning and care recommendations, download our guide below.

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As one of the most durable substrates in the industry, Quartz allows for minimal maintenance. It is good practice to keep your counters free of abrasives and highly staining products such as red wine.

Wiping your countertops daily with simple denatured alcohol or window cleaner is a great way to keep your quartz looking as fresh as the day it was installed.

We all make mistakes and things do happen. Here we will detail all the ins and outs of installing, maintaining, and fixing any possible issues that may arise.

Day to Day Care

Denatured alcohol and window cleaners are two of the best cleaners for daily cleaning of your NuStone Quartz countertops.

With the use of 100% white cotton paper towels, wipe down your countertop daily to help maintain the stone.

Avoid plant oil based cleaners as they may cause buildup on your countertops. For more of an aggressive cleaning strategy use a soft scrub working in 4 sq ft (0.37 m²) areas and rinsing with water, this will help minimize any small stains or buildup.

Problem Solving & Repair


Although NuStone Quartz is highly stain resistant, it is not impervious to staining. If stains occur, try a few of our stain removal recipes below.

Grey Lines

Grey lines can occur, especially on white stones, due to the movement of aluminum pots and pans on the surface. Pots and pans with a higher nickel content will cause grey lines less often. We recommend using Bar Keepers Friend to get at those common, pesky grey lines.


Although unlikely, small chips are possible on any quartz countertop. The most common offender is the underside of a wine bottle! The protruding dimples can cause small chips on the surface, so it goes without saying, but “be careful!”


First, identify the full length of the crack. Using a dremel, drill out the cracked area. Wipe clean and apply Hot Stuff. After the surface is hard, using a dremel drill until a shallow depth, clean the surface and fill with a colored epoxy to match surface appearance.


Transformer can be used to hide small burn areas. For smaller areas and light burns, use a cotton swab to apply transformer in layers, letting each layer dry until the burn is hidden. For larger burn areas, a dremel drill can be used to dig out the burned area and use filler.

Silicon & Glues

Silicon and silicon-based glues can easily be removed from the stone with WD-40 without etching the polish. Finish the process with a window cleaner to remove any extra WD-40 from the surface.

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Do’s & Don’ts


NO Fireplaces

NO Sealers, including quartz specific sealers.

NO Altering thickness

NO drain boards: Adding drain boards alters the thickness of the material, which in turn alters its durability.

NO Magic Eraser

NO Harsh Chemicals (Draino, Oven Cleaner etc): It is important to never use harsh chemicals such as drain cleaner or oven cleaners. Acids in these products can break down the resins and damage your stone.

NO Dishwasher detergent for long periods of time: Concentrated chemicals such as dishwasher detergent can cause etchings in the polish if left on quartz countertop for prolonged time.

NO Granite or Marble Solvents


Vent-less Ranges


Direct Mount Ranges

Construction Paper: While contractors work on your home, avoid the use of constriction paper on Quartz countertops. This can cause some minimal staining due to the coloring and dyes found in most construction paper.

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