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History of Quartz Mining

Quartz is a beautiful mineral made out of some of the simplest elements on earth: silicon and oxygen. Yet when their atoms combine in a tetrahedral formation, beautiful quartz crystals are formed that have been used to make jewelry and carvings since ancient times. The ancient Greeks referred to quartz as krustallos, meaning icy cold, thinking it was ice. Quartz comes in many colors and varieties with some of the more popular ones being amethyst, rose quartz, onyx, agate, and jasper.

Nustone Quartz is a quartz company that has a variety of locations to serve you, including Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Texas. Our mission is to supply you with the quartz you need to create magnificent quartz countertops and more. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the history of quartz mining.

History of Quartz Mining

Although the quartz itself is found everywhere, most of it is not crystallized, which is the quartz you see in kitchen countertops and jewelry. To form crystals, quartz has to be heated, such as from an underground heat source. It is during the cooling phase that one atom of silicon combines with four oxygen atoms to form beautiful, six-sided prisms. For the most part, ancient people found quartz in caves and near the surface and used it for jewelry and other adornments. It was also used in stone tools because quartz has a hardness rating of seven out of ten.

Because of its unusual shape, quartz was thought (and still is thought by some) to contain magical and/or healing properties. It has been found in many ancient burial plots in Europe and in Ireland. Jade, a quartz stone variety, has been prized by ancient cultures for thousands of years due to its gorgeous green color.

Quartz is found in very few places in the world in large pockets big enough to mine, one of them being in Arkansas. It is usually mined in open pits with the help of explosives to expose the veins of quartz. Quartz can be easily damaged if not mined properly and carefully.


Quartz has many properties that make it valuable. It can hold a steady vibration or oscillation, so it can conduct electricity. This is why you’ll see quartz in watches, clocks, computers, stereos, radar, and sonar. It’s also a popular building material, mainly for kitchen countertops. It is still found in many types of jewelry. Sandstone is mainly made up of quartz and quartz sand is used for glass and ceramics. Quartz can be crushed, which is then used in sandpaper and in sandblasting. It is still used to make grindstones and millstones. And it is used in many laboratory applications.

How Are Quartz Countertops Made?

Quartz is first mined. Then it is ground up and used as an aggregate material that, when combined with resin, pressure, and heat, forms a quartz slab. The color of a quartz countertop is created by adding various pigments to give it the beautiful aesthetic you know and love. Since quartz is extremely hard, a quartz countertop should last you a lifetime with proper care, making it one of the best home improvement investments you can make for your home. Recently, with the idea to make unique offerings for homeowners, other materials have begun to be added to quartz for countertops. These include mirror and glass fragments, brass metal filings, granite, and marble. With the push for reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll see recycled material in quartz countertops as well.

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