16 Feb 2015

Quartz Education 101

We have Quartz Education 101 here to help you make the best choice for your countertop needs! Quartz Countertops are categorized as engineered stone.  Engineered Stone is a composite material made of  crushed stone bound  together by a resin material.  Polyester Resin is a clear liquid plastic product that  hardens to bind the  stone together. […]
16 Feb 2015

NUSTONE QUARTZ is Beautiful as Well as Durable

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Once upon a time in a village not far from here a family, unhappy with the look of their countertops, ventured out in search of options.    All they really wanted was to find something beautiful as well as durable.    Reasonably priced would have been appreciated as well. But alas,this was not  an easy task.  Most […]