Submit your home renovation photos for a chance to win some Dorado Soapstone Whiskey Rocks! We would love to hear about how much you love your NuStone Quartz countertops. Send us a picture of your finished and installed countertops. If we put it on our website we will send you a set of whiskey stones to re-freshen any drink with out watering it down.

The better the photographs, the more likely YOUR photos will end up on OUR website! Below are a few tips & tricks to get your photos looking straight out of a magazine.

  • Minimizing Glare: Place a thin sheet of tracing paper over the window to soften the light. If you have a flash focus it onto the ceiling to allow for an even glow.
  • Angles: Take images from multiple angles. Don’t be afraid to get on your tippy toes or crouch down to get a good shot.
  • Tripod: Your hands might be steady but the camera lens is even more sensitive. Use tripod to get the sharpest image. A good rule of thumb is to start your tripod at 4’8” and move around from there.
  • Focal Point: Decide what the focal point of your room needs to be and center the picture around this point.
  • Note: Don’t forget to make sure you or your camera don’t show up in any mirrors or mirror like surfaces.

Submit Photos Here!

Submit your photos for your chance to win Dorado Soapstone Whiskey Rocks!
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