14 Feb 2020

Quartz Tariffs and India | Where are we now?

The International Trade Commission (ITC)  will release its findings on the countervailing case in mid-October which could yield 0-15% extra duty. The ITC will decide the anti-dumping case in mid-January — are we speculating a 341% tariff like with Chinese quartz? Is India subsidizing the quartz factories for a competitive advantage?How soon will we see […]
3 Aug 2019

Quartz Tariffs, A Ripple Effect — Exports Slow from India

Immediately after the Chinese tariff case was decided, imposing a 341% tariff, we’re facing another blow to quartz imports. In early May, Anti-dumping cases were filed for India and Turkey. Concerned about back-dated or retro-active tariffs, many have already slowed orders. After-all, during the China case, U.S. Customs collected and held 341% tariffs in escrow. […]
3 Aug 2019

Quartz Tariffs & Anti-Dumping — Court Decisions

On June 12th the ITC announced the outcome of the Chinese tariff case affecting the import of Chinese quartz. While 3 separate tariffs were reviewed (plus the option of enacting tariffs retroactively,) some are calling the final decision a win and some are calling it a loss.  Watch as Steven explains the outcome in this […]
15 Nov 2018

Quartz Tariffs: What we face now, and what we will face come 2019

A quick update on what we are facing in the quartz industry. We already have 2 tariffs in place; Quartz Import Tariff and Countervailing Tariff. We anticipate another, Anti-Dumping, tariff come 2019.
13 Nov 2018

Quartz Tariffs: Effects on the Quartz Factories

These tariffs effect more than just purchasers and distributors of Chinese quartz materials. As companies slow down their ordering on materials quartz factories are being effect and business is being changed. Listen as Steven talks about how the manufacturers are responding to the new tariffs.
13 Nov 2018

Quartz Tariffs: Anti-Dumping

In addition to some of the new tariffs on Chinese imported quartz materials there is also another pending Anti-Dumping tariff. As a result of a domestic law suit, an American quartz manufacturer claims that Chinese quartz imports are sold at such a low rate it is doing damage to the industry. Steven breaks down the […]
6 Nov 2018

Quartz Tariffs: What is happening to quartz imports?

With our new administration we are facing some new challenges in the quartz industry. We are facing some new tariffs on Chinese quartz imports. Watch the following video to hear our owner, Steven Chavez, talk about what is happening to the new import tariffs and how it is affecting our industry.
9 Dec 2015

7 Hot Home Improvement Trends for 2016

7 Hot Home Improvement Trends for 2016 Home Advisor, the expert on all things home related has announced their 7 Hot Home Improvement Trends for 2016. See what they say about countertop trends!
9 Nov 2015

NUSTONE QUARTZ and the Story of Your Life

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2016 Paint Colors of the Year   Benjamin Moore and Glidden have made off-white hues their “color of the year” for 2016, while Sherwin-Williams and Behr are each showing off-white in their 2016 color trend forecasts. Read about it here in houzz. I’ve chosen one of the 2016 favorites, Simply White by Benjamin Moore to […]
20 May 2015

NUSTONE QUARTZ Countertop Care

  NUSTONE QUARTZ countertop care is guaranteed not to scare! When you look under the sink at all of the cleaning products and wonder which to pull out, are you struck by the fear of ruining the beautiful quartz countertops you’ve longed for forever? Trust me. This will never happen to you again. With the […]